The Mythos Of Jaladhi Varchasva

The Mythos Of Jaladhi Varchasva

  • Author: Nishant Shailajan

Varchasva – signifying absolute dominance – is the first in the Trilogy of The Mythos of Jaladhi. It is a tale of grit, determination and valor of five princes, handpicked and tutored by Maharishi Devang, their spiritually endowed mentor, in the inhospitable and treacherous terrain of Mount Anshuman. Their innate talents fostered by rigorous discipline and harsh training, their body and mind honed to perfection and exceptional prowess, the princes develop into an invincible Five Man Army of redoubtable warriors. Worthy wielders of divine weapons, their mission is to overcome the occult power of Himsa, abominable master of Seven Deadly Sins and the mighty rakshasa generals. Varchasva is the seedling that sprouts into the episodic saga of The Mythos of Jaladhi – a saga that draws its sustenance from the righteous yet vanquished heroes of lore – the illustrious antagonists from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata who now lend their phenomenal powers to the just cause of the princes, in a different age and world and in completely different avatars altogether This indeed is heady old wine in sparklingly new bottle – the super-human drama of an epic struggle that culminates in triumph of good over evil, of love over hate, of hope over despair A gripping fantasy with the evocative power to transport todays readers into a world of epic déjà vu

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