The Moments Of Truth

The Moments Of Truth

  • Author: Nimish Tanna

Based in an average Indian B-School, Moments of Truth is an epic romantic thriller page turner. Arjun Mehta is a smart, confident and charming Management graduate, who is desperately trying to hunt down his old college professor, Col. Rawat, with the help of his fiancé, Shruti. However, this trail unearths many secrets about Arjun’s life during his MBA days, which Shruti might not be prepared for. Will they be able to pull through this ordeal with their relationship intact? And Will Arjun ever find Col. Rawat? Moments Of Truth is a fascinating tale about how Arjun battles against controversies and heartaches, and his struggle to protect his relationships and realize his ambitions - all against the backdrop of an average B-school. Will he be able to find his real purpose in life? Or does he get end up getting lost in the crowd like so many others?

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