The Man With A Naked Face

The Man With A Naked Face

  • Author: Ramaswamy Balakrishnan

A novel that must be read by every person who wants to understand corporate politics ... and break free.’ A young, passionate, rational, inquisitive, reflective man finds himself becoming a victim to politics of the men who run a corporation. He is naïve, a naiveté born out of absolute innocence, yet brilliant at his work. As this world of deceit exploits him, he suffers in pain—the pain of betrayal. He realizes he must understand the nature of his oppressors to find a way out. Does he? What does he do? Like every story that is told of a man’s life where there is a birth, an innocence, a crisis, a war and then finally peace—a peace found in death or a peace found before death—the story of the man with a naked face is about the struggle for his peace. He must first know the enemy. And then he must have the courage to wage war against this enemy. ‘A great read for anyone who loves his life and his freedom.

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