The Golden Record

The Golden Record

  • Author: Naimesha Thakur

Mira Dev, a young writer is the grand-daughter of Tina Dev Spekoe, an affiliation which she was extremely proud of just for the amount of love and happiness she received. Though Antara, Miras mother, was happy with the resemblance her kid had with her own mother, she was far more fearful of finding anything else similar to the traits that had made her mother famous in the most revered form in a land far away, called the Island of Writers from where she, Antara was an outcast. Tinas demise a few years ago, had turned their world upside down. The pain of losing someone she was so close to, had inflicted Mira so much that she began venting it out on paper and this had led to Miras first book while she was still at college. This was just the beginning of her career. Lyla Miras best friend and her husband manage to convince Mira to join them on their vacation to India on the night of her latest book release. While Mira agrees because she is curious about unravelling the marvel of the place her roots belong to, she is totally unprepared for what unfurls in front of her once she reaches her holiday destination. The mystery begins with the revelation of her distant connection to the Island of Writers. What follows is an entangled mess of events, and revelations about the black mistake, a terrible mistake that had been committed. To understand more about the Island of Writers, the black mistake and what happens to Mira and Antara in the process, you must read on.

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