The Evil Days - A Spiritual & Suspenseful Science Fiction

The Evil Days - A Spiritual & Suspenseful Scienc ...


In 3033 AD, there is no water. There are no families, no relationships. There is no peace, no love, no unity, no humanity. No culture, no spirituality, no happiness and no holiness. There is nothing. Humans have forgotten they are humans and are surrounded by a great many unknown evils. The crime rate is unstoppable and soaring at an unimaginable rate. Kalki Narayan, a renowned Neuroscientist and Mathematician, worked full-time to make a discovery and invented a ground-breaking device based on the world-shattering concept Spectra to bring positive change to the world. Kalki is the only hope. He is the only hope for finding the many missing neuroscientists of the world. He is the last strand capable of locating Einsteins brain. Will all future events unfold in line with the Holy Bibles foretold Judgment Day? Or can Kalki bring back peace and put an end to the evil days?

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