The Disobedient Darkness

The Disobedient Darkness

  • Author: Prateek Dubey

What is your plan for life? Do you know its dark side? A man trades his doubts for a unique gift from his daemōn. This puts into motion his metamorphosis a doubtless mind connecting him to other layers of existence and unravelling some extraordinary latent powers. Using his newfound abilities impetuously for the benefit of others, he inevitably runs into the dark side of goodness. Then, one day, a moment of violence, a call for justice hurls him into a maelstrom of an extraordinary adventure – a quest for a pitcher of ancient mythic water, hidden deep inside the Himalayas. It is the only weapon capable of countering a sinister force abducting humans from Earth. But an unexpected turn awaits him as he moves closer the water is nurturing a secret intent that could challenge the destiny of mankind.

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