The Cubicle

The Cubicle

  • Author: Suresh Kumar

The Cubicle’ is about the aspiration of a writer, to write about life or the lack of it in the IT industry. Weighing the options, he decides to join an IT company to write about it. With fake experience, he manages to do so. Within months at work, he gets a long term onsite opportunity, which he desperately avoids strategically. He even gets politically entangled, not in the office politics – which is obvious anyways – but in Indian politics. He excels in his career and even completes the book, until he falls in a dilemma over a career making decision. Someone with no prior IT experience survives and excels in a top IT company? I must be kidding. Or this has to be the best super hero story? Or the supercalifragilisticexpialidociousfiction written ever? Or a book full of lies starting from this synopsis? Or this synopsis is a typo error, really big time? It isnt that tough, if you know the shortcuts inside the cubicle. The Cubicle is a fictional non-fictional satire. The fictional elements are added to the book to make you believe the ‘unbelievables’ with a very thin line of story woven around. Sarcasm and Humour are intended – Laughter will be asking for too much, but smiles, and tips and tricks to make your career better than what it is now, guaranteed. NOT an autobiography.

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