That Frequent Visitor

That Frequent Visitor

  • Author: K Hari Kumar

Why are outsiders not allowed on Vypeen Island after sunset? What brought Richard Baxter from Calcutta to Kochi in 1948? Where did Baxter and his wife disappear on the night of Pournami? Who is the visitor that the fishermen fear so much? How far will one man go for the woman he loves? Six decades later, Shiuli Dutta is mysteriously lured into the dreaded Clifford Mansion, where she encounters the ghost of Richard Baxter. The grieving ghost tells her an incomplete story of its life. A story that will reveal the darker side of a man’s mind. A story that shall unveil a venomous truth of the past. A story so sinsiter that it shall alter the fate of a nation’s future. A story of courage and cowardice, of deceit and insanity. The story of THAT FREQUENT VISITOR

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