Tales Of You, Me And Them

Tales Of You, Me And Them

  • Author: Anju Darshini

Tales of You, Me and Them, is a collection of eight short stories. A village flows through the heart of the main characters in these stories. The author remembers her childhood and holidays spent in Keeladi, a South Indian village, and lets her imagination flow as she connects her stories to this little village that fascinated her immensely. The stories carry the battles, triumphs and failures in everyday lives of everyday people. It transforms the lives of ordinary men and women, into very real and, yet, extraordinary tales. There is love, hatred, revenge, pain, desire, dreams, challenges, and then, there is hope. Hope that can light up many lives, including yours, mine and theirs. Each story will leave a lasting impression on you, making you realize how simple, and yet, how so complicated life happens to be.

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