Story Of Sita

Story Of Sita

  • Author: Nabeena Srikanth

was Ravana really a demon? Was Rama the perfect hero? History is always written by the winner, who is a male. What kind of hardships were endured by his closest kin to make him one? His wife Sita was the most affected by his needs. Sita is the epitome of womanhood. She is an emotional pillar to her father in childhood and herhusband after marriage. She is an ambassador of the values of Ayodhya during her captivity and is rewarded with rejection by her husband for all her struggles. This is the story of her emotional development from a love-struck teenager to an empty-nested single mother. She is greatly revered even today in the island nation of Sri Lanka. In the far northern reaches of Bihar and in Nepal daughters are never named Sita for fear of theirstruggling, like her through life.

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