Stirred But Not Shaken

Stirred But Not Shaken

  • Author: Deep Shiva

Mohit came to Delhi from a small town to make it big. He is quite sorted, with a comfortable place to stay, a well-paying job, and a few friends and loved ones. Despite that, he is quite stirred by the way things happen in the city. When he bags a job in a multinational ad agency, he does not know that getting a job and keeping it are two very different ball games. Natasha is stunningly beautiful and overly ambitious, and their lives get entangled when she falls for him. But is this true love, or is there something more to it? Parvathi helps him and guides him through the maze that the workplace is. A dusky beauty with a free spirit, she feels love is an overrated emotion and all men are the same. When bosses and colleagues toss him around, it will take Mohit a lot more than just friends and love to stay Stirred But Not Shaken.

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