Sorry! You Are Not Employable

Sorry! You Are Not Employable

  • Author: Prof. (Col) Shishir Kumar

Prof. Col Shishir Kumar with his extensive experience in the Indian Army and as the Dean Director of DIT University Dehradun: explains how there are four deliverables to .Teaching. - passing on Knowledge. imparting Skills. creating the right psychological construct or Attitude and inculcating Values. The 80/20 Pareto Principle reveals how 20 percent of efforts results into 80 percent of results and vice-versa. This book gives you an insight into the 20 of factors that can boost your effectiveness both in your personal and professional life. It is aimed at getting you in the mindset of inculcating other qualities in yourself that are never taught in most of the educational institutions and which are vital in getting your dream job. PROF COL SHISHIR KUMAR Students are given knowledge but lack soft skins. problem-solving capability listening skills and communication skills which makes them unemployable. Unless this situation is improved. students will suffer from lack of gainful engagements. Therefore. there is a greater need on the part of students to change their own situation proactively: This book is aimed at making todays youth successful in all walks of life

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