• Author: Atchuthan Carvalho

The intent of this book is to share with the world basics concepts and ideas which have been forgotten however are very much present in each of our lives. The world today is so much bombarded with philosophy, science and other ideas that humans truly do not know what to believe in. Moreover, since we are so occupied with the outside world, we seldom reflect on our true nature. It is my belief that one cannot describe the true nature in us nor the universe, however there is definitely a way through which we can realize what we are. I cannot tell you what the truth is, but I can surely show it to you. The book has 4 line verses which talk of very normal experiences and reflections. The basic concept here is that all of us have an innate ability to understand and reflect on experiences using our mind however we do not realize this. Mostly we are given rules to follow with the promise of redemption. I stand apart as I promise none of this. All I promise is that after you read my work you will realise that you already know what is right and what is not. What questions matter and what don’t. You have that “self” in you that can answer all your questions and clarify your doubts. You will read and you yourself will dawn at the meaning. Hence the best way to explain this is poetry. Poetry forces one to reflect inwards. I have composed 59 verses which anyone can read and reflect upon. Most importantly they are not lengthy and do not require extensive critical analysis.

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