Rough With The Smooth

Rough With The Smooth

  • Author: Ram Govardhan

Its story of victory of hope over hopelessness, of victory of grit over dejection. And of bad, violent politics that boomerang and devour the very practitioners. Unni leaves Indian shores to fulful his Arabian dream of eighteen. Sixteen years later, at thirty four, returns of India with a crore of rupees to settle down. Within two years, his own kin dupe him of millions and reduce him to utter poverty. Despite grinding poverty, with his conviction in his own capability intact, seeking jobs, Unni ultimately lands a job as a chef at a star hotel owned by a much storied politician, Gounder, in Tamilnadu. Unni works his way out of poverty to riches. His daughter, Omana, does well in studies. Gounders son, Sampath, and Omana go to the same college. Out of political compulsions, Gounder agrees to let Omana and Sampath marry. Political rivalry between Gounder and his for Man Friday, Mayandy, turns ugly. Gounder plots Mayandys death. Mayandys sib gets Gounder and his son, Sampath, killed. Unni takes over Gounders empire. Omana, the widow, starts a free fertilizer, seed centre. Gounders mistress, Rukkamma, joins Omana in the endeavour

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