Riding God'S Axe

Riding God'S Axe

  • Author: Siva Sadasivan

Kerala is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world, but surprisingly few travelogues exist on Kerala, and evenless on rail travel in the state. In this unique travel story, the magic of train travel combines with the beauty of the landwhile capturing a wide and varied cast of characters - a soldier off duty from the sensitive Kashmir border, a school teacher turned social activist, a sanyasi with a difference...This books takes a magical journey onrails through Gods Own Land, weaving a fascinating tale which entwines legend, history, myth and travel, creating a riveting picture of this small, diverse and ancient land. Bits of history, interesting statistics, trivia, engrossing snippets of local legends and folklore, conversations with fellow passengers, combine to provide an engrossing insight into the land and its people.

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