Reaching for Kloud9

Reaching for Kloud9

  • Author: Ruskin Bond

Kloud9 is an exclusive magazine for youth, encapsulating within its pages interesting and motivational content for the readers, by the readers. The aim is to develop their creative talents and showcase them too. Kloud9 organises an All-India Short Story Contest in two categories every year – Junior classes VII to IX and Senior classes X to XII, also referred to as first year graduation. Reaching for Kloud9 comprises award-winning stories from Junior and Senior categories, 2015-17. It opens up a fantasy world painted by these young, magical authors, with the stories spanning a wide gamut of themes – from young mystery solvers, to naughty escapades from dreamy aspirations to paranormal encounters from dreams to their fulfilment. Guided and mentored by Ruskin Bond – the internationally acclaimed writer for children – and a brainchild of Prof. Achyuta Samanta Founder, KIIT and KISS, it has spread like wildfire among the student community.

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