Pugmarks In Palamau

Pugmarks In Palamau

  • Author: Sangam Lahiry

WE DO NOT OWN THE EARTH WE HOLD IT IN TRUST FOR OUR CHILDREN... Long before wildlife conservation became a cause célèbre around the world, the unsung men of the Forest Department were out there, living the challenges of preserving the planets wildlife and ecological heritage. Pugmarks in Palamau is based on the real-life experiences of one such Forest Officer, at the Betla Wildlife Sanctuary and Palamau Tiger Reserve in India. Every chapter is ruthlessly true and a testament to the authors love for and dedication to the cause of wildlife preservation in its natural habitat. The compelling narrative is beautifully illustrated from real-time photographs taken on-site. On one hand, readers are presented with the practical aspects of Indian wildlife management, and on the other, the truth regarding popular misconceptions. Every page drives home the challenges and need for conservation. The narrative draws on the diverse experiences of many forest officers, trackers and field staff as well as local villagers, whose fascinating experiences often go unrecorded due to a communication gap or from sheer negligence. Pugmarks in Palamau serves as an inspiration to all of us who live on planet Earth. It compels us to take pride in our common, natural heritage while encouraging us to participate in the conservation of what remains of the earths rich biodiversity and wildlife.

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