Poems For Us

Poems For Us

  • Author: Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

Introduction ‘Us’, what does it mean? Many think of it as a collective consciousness. But only the word ‘Us’ is not enough to put us in close touch with everybody in the society in which we live. For, well and truly we differ subconsciously and also consciously from one another. Thus, the actions undertaken by men and women under different frames of mind with their dreams and feelings, all form the spine of this book. ‘I’ have written poems about ‘Us’, but I cannot do complete justice as I can’t be the ‘Saksin’ or ‘Witness’ within others and hence know them only partially from outside however deep I may dive into the vast open seas of their lives. ‘I’ can also be found in the poems about ‘Us’ for I should be the first one to be understood to understand my poems. In Other Words,Poems add beauty to the monotonous prose of life making it pulsate with the happy drumbeat of life’s myriad emotions. I have tried to capture these various emotions in my poems in this book by looking at life from a perspective of ‘Us’ rather than ‘I’. For, it is ‘Us’ in between whom emotions take on various colours and influence the ‘I’.

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