Perfect Tangerine

Perfect Tangerine

  • Author: Sam Mukherjee

There was a deafening silence in the world. No babies had been born for three long years. But just when humanity is about to give up hope,a baby boy is born to Doris and Tom Daley. The Press christens him Miracle. Overnight, the simple Daleys turn into celebrities and Miracle Daley becomes a walking headline. Although Doris and Tom do not allow the popularity to go to their heads, Tom’s mother, a fiercely ambitious woman, uses every opportunity to milk their good fortune. And with his Granny’s support, Miracle grows up believing love and stardom are his birthright. From magazine covers to people’s hearts, Miracle rules for eleven uninterrupted years. But because of his spoilt ways, his popularity fades. Then the inevitable happens… the baby drought ends and Miracle becomes a ‘has-been’. When teachers stop home-schooling Miracle, he is forced to attend regular school and Joka Pack, the school bully, becomes his nemesis. One day, chased by Joka’s gang, Miracle escapes into the woods. There, he meets and befriends a dolhorina – Vibgyor, who tells him that instead of creating problems, he should solve them. The deer guides Miracle on tackling the bully and gaining acceptance in school. As Miracle wonders if Vibgyor is real or just a figment of his imagination, he realizes it is time to get off his high horse and earn the adoration he so desperately misses. But can he do anything to win back the affection once showered upon him or will he need a miracle?

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