Our Story of Love

Our Story of Love

  • Author: Keshav Aneel

You don’t find true love. You build it. Paarth has just turned 18, and instead of celebrating, he is driving his father’s taxi to make ends meet. When he picks up Upasna from the Delhi airport, little did he know that their drive to Chandigarh will be so adventurous Upasna is studying Automobile Engineering in Germany, and has come back home for a short holiday. When she stumbles upon a little secret about Paarth, she is in awe of him, and love inevitably happens. However, not only their social status, but the long distance between them is also a problem. Her undying faith in Paarth makes him challenge his destiny to prove his worth to her father, and more to himself. As he sets on a path to reinvent his identity, his friend Kartik stands by him to see him through. In a world where relationships are based on give and take, how their love eventually breaks stereotypes, builds a way and sets an example, is the mesmerizing – Our Story of Love.

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