Night, Day & Night Again

Night, Day & Night Again

  • Author: Karthik Vengatesan

Nicholas Stevenson Nick is a young chap who goes against the odds to secure his life. Nick, being unable to find a promising career path, chooses to work in an outsourcing company. Jennifer Jane happens to get an offer in the same firm. Time unites the two from the two sides of the country at work. Nicholas fell in love with Jennifer who was pretty, witty and a suitable match. Outsourcing firms were a new revolution in a country as India, where the numbers of graduates were constantly increasing. Nick befriends Jim, Dave, and Ben. Together, they have the best times of their lives, scaling and developing themselves in personal and official life. The paths each chose, however was different. Read on and get engrossed in your journey with Night, Day and Night Again as each page reveals you how life works in a 24X7 Offshore Support Desk.

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