Natal Fault

Natal Fault

  • Author: Dr Manisha Saxena

In the monsoons of 2012, a phantasm driven geriatrician, Dr. Suchitra Nigam, is all set to open her dream venture: Rajshree Varma Memorial Foundation, a holistic healthcare for the geriatrics. She then encounters several irregularities plaguing the medical and social scene in the country. She is further intrigued when a nonagenarian from Singapore persistently lays claims to an ardent affair withered by a deadly war, seventy years back. Was he another geriatric with clouded coherence and unfounded delusions? A heart -rending tale of love, separation, dejection, violence, compassion and corruption A gripping story which narrates the saga of two saviours-the doctors, the soldiers and the common man. Natal Fault is an irresistible socio-political narrative. It is bold and beautiful romantic and philosophical contemporary and classic at the same time. It feels the pulse of the nation and scales a long span of Indian panorama, both contemporary and classic, as it flows and fizzes out from a drab B class fictional Indian town of Jeerulot, through a war ravaged planet to a posh Singapore.

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