My Fantastic Failure

My Fantastic Failure

  • Author: Sid & Shreya Upadhyaya

Did you face this ever? We bet – You did Parents compare you with other kids. Uncle aunty think you are good for nothing. Teachers think you are not serious about life. Topper cousin and geek classmate think you are dumb. All through this, finally, one day you also start thinking that they all are right. But this does not end here. After college, you are asked – Where are you placed? What is the salary? And god forbid, if you turn an entrepreneur – they assume you were not placed in a job. It is a story of a boy who was written off by one of India’s premier colleges as a rebel with no good future. Did he make it? Yes, he did. So, all those who have faced failures, take heart. How did he make it? He and his sister entered an interesting pact to safeguard each other’s dreams.

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