Mortal Crisis

Mortal Crisis

  • Author: Dr. Diwakar Bansal

Sunrise Hospital - a tertiary care hospital for thousands of pregnant mothers. The doctors and the staff thrive hard to bring smiles to the patients and work day and night to care for them. It is regarded as an excellent hospital for its quality of service.
 But all this is sullied when pregnant women begin to die without any clinical explanation. With the number of victims rising, the doctors and the staff battle to find the cause and curb the death toll. But the unknown enemy continues to take the lives of the recently delivered mothers.
 During this outbreak, doctors Nandita and Rajeev, who have recently joined there, find themselves in the middle of a dark mystery surrounding the hospital. While attending to the sick patients, they accidentally stumble upon a buried secret.
 Amidst the deep puddle of mysteries, enemies, deaths, media attention and public humiliation, will they be able to beat this enemy before it is too late? Will the hospital and its hardworking doctors find their way out of this enigmatic crisis?

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