Love Remains Alive

Love Remains Alive

  • Author: Ajoy Sahay

One morning, on way to his office, Akash is stunned to see a very familiar face while scrolling a social media site on his smart-phone and cannot resist connecting with his childhood friend and once beloved, Priyanka, after decades. Priyanka, too, unable to contain her excitement at seeing her old friend, accepts his friend request and connects with Akash. They chat, they meet and they share their untold feelings of the past for each other, but wish to continue their friendship not as two individuals but as two happy families. Unfortunately, Akash finds it difficult to take his wife, Rita, who is suspicious by nature, into confidence. As continuing the friendship with Rita not being aware of it is not acceptable to Priyanka, they are forced to drop the idea and discontinue their newly found, long lost friendship, once again. However, when Rita comes to know about their chatting and meeting, she misunderstands them completely and feels cheated. She gets angry and the situation spirals out of control. Relationships sour and misery abounds and by the time Rita realizes her folly, it is too late. Or is it?

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