Love Beyond The Horizon

Love Beyond The Horizon

  • Author: Madhu Vajpayee

She was broken. He was lonely. Both were trying to emerge from the ruins of their past. Dr Avni, a first-year postgraduate student in medicine, was gathering the broken pieces of her heart, trying to find a new meaning for her life. Dr Aakash, a senior, was trying to lose himself in the chaos of the world, perhaps in his quest to find himself. Somewhere along the journey, they found each other. Their unconditional love washed away all their pain and seemed to open the path to eternal happiness. It appeared that they had finally found their destination until fate decided to throw a challenge where they had no choice but to let go. Despite that, she couldnt let go of her insecurities and fears, and he couldnt let go of her. Love Beyond the Horizon is a journey of love, longing, and loss a story of unconditional love that transcends time and of unfathomable destiny that has its own plans.

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