Listen to Your Heartbeats

Listen to Your Heartbeats

  • Author: Sonika Shandilya

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Sonam was stuck in a routine life, till she decided to take a solo trip. And it could not have started on a more rocking note. She bumped into Rann Vijay Rathore RV on a hilltop, and could not take her eyes off him. And even later, she kept thinking about him, till they met again. With a fascinating twist in the tale, Sonam finds herself on a musical caravan with RV, Veer, Shiv and Aditi. Did Sonams amber eyes compel RV to surprise her with the trip? And does it stay only a trip? RV finds Sonam angelic and tries to become a better version of himself, only for her. But it distances Sonam from RV and she feels her world crumbling. Can RV save his love in the nick of time? Will the gang of friends be able to find a road to their dreams? This is a story of passionate dreams, unending friendship and a love that knows no bounds. This electrifying read will compel you to chase your dreams and make you Listen to Your Heartbeats.

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