Lipstick on Your Collar

Lipstick on Your Collar

  • Author: Raj Madnani

Lipstick On Your Collar is a light hearted view on the familiar issues of flirting and cheating, and the resulting stress that emerges from it, a mesh you simply cannot emerge from unscathed. Or can you? This is the two-sided story of Jaya, a sex-denying, menopausal wife and of Pankaj aka Pinkoo, her frustrated husband. At a cocktail party, Jaya witnesses a flirtatious encounter between Pinkoo and a voluptuous widow, both enjoying and laughing a bit too much, or so Jaya concluded. Right or wrong, her feminine instincts were on overdrive. Egged on by her neurotic friend, she checks the apartment for evidence of an affair. Three pieces of incriminating evidence emerge, and Jaya decides to confront Pinkoo before convicting him. Jaya jiggles the evidence in Pinkoos face while he wiggles his way out. Is Pinkoo really guilty? Can he disprove the evidence? A farcical comedy in some ways, seriously funny in other ways, and amusingly realistic in many ways - take your pick.

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