Life Unshackled

Life Unshackled

  • Author: Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

Rudra’s life, until he met Krupa, a commercial sex worker, was shackled, and lacking light was filled with darkness. Rudra was a teetotaler, but he haunted a dingy dim-lit bar, sipping soft drinks. Rudra did not expect anything from the women of the world’s oldest profession, but he walked a street where they waited to be picked up. Rudra craved, paradoxically, not only for solitude in darkness but also for a ray of non-interfering company in his lonely life. Rudra’s behavior was the result of a dysfunctional milieu’s conditionings, which had started attacking him right from kindergarten, and continued to do so all through the duration of his first job after graduation, until his unconditional love for Krupa enabled him to challenge and vanquish them. Rudra’s life finally walked unshackled, from the bondages of dark conditionings, proudly in the light with Krupa who also freed herself from her misery aided by his moral courage.

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