Keeping up with Kaneda

Keeping up with Kaneda

  • Author: Gaurav Kumar

Canada – the land of beautiful lakes, opportunities and umm... scores of desis arent we just everywhere?. What happens when a young man gets a one-way ticket to the hallowed country? When youre saat samundar paar, even a modest course at a community college becomes a gateway for merriment and learning... of a totally different kind. And so it did, with Gaurav. An Australian flatmate, fellow students from Nigeria and Bangladesh, and an employer from Kazakhstan lead him on a journey of epic escapades and much self-discovery. And when youre looking to earn some pocket money, odd jobs just have to do. From a curious DJing gig that turns out slightly different than expected to becoming a walking salesman clad in a sandwich board, theres no dearth of drama. Jump right in, for Keeping Up With Kaneda is an adventure in itself.

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