It's All About How You Feel!

It's All About How You Feel!

  • Author: Ramesh Sattennapalli

Rahul is an ad film maker. When he comes to know about his best friend Arjun’s suicide and that too a letter note saying “My best friend Rahul is the reason for my suicide”, he almost gets wobbly. Leaving so many an unanswered questions about his friendship with Arjun and how he met his dream girl Sravani and how they three got apart, Rahul asked to attend for an enquiry at Arjun’s suicide spot. What makes the relationship successful? Do we need to stay in touch with our beloved ones to keep our relationship alive? Does relationship has an end? How it feels like when we miss our beloved ones and meet them after some period of time in unexpected circumstances? Modern relationships following the slogan “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. Did Rahul follow the same? How he overcame the problem he faced with

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