India BizforSale - An enterprising effort by Bhavin & Priya

India BizforSale - An enterprising effort by Bha ...

  • Author: Prachi Garg

It was a stroke of luck that got them face to face with each other in very unlikely circumstances. In the process of pursuing their post-graduation, both Priya and Bhavin were looking for part time jobs and landed up at the same place. Common interests brought them together and what started as casual friendship eventually turned into marriage after a courtship period of four years. In 2010, their their family business was going through an exit process and it is then they realize the need for a platform that could bring buyers and sellers together.To tap into an opportunity which had not yet been established as a safe and secured business idea, and yet create a thirst in the market for such a platform, raising it from ground zero into an exemplary enterprise is what they dreamt and finally created.

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