Incredibly Incorrect Impressions

Incredibly Incorrect Impressions

  • Author: Aarthi Srinivasan

Aishwarya Narayan, with her sarcastic and unintentionally humorous disposition, has got the typical life with her Always-ready-with-a-short-joke friends and her annoyingly accomplished family. Successful, stoic, stubborn, and sardonic, Dhruv Singhania was kind of the person her parents would generally give a good look at and then say Learn When the two stumble upon each other, it gives rise to a series of awkward humour, intense sarcasm, usage of fandoms as leverage, and a whole lot of acute weirdness. With her dream of making it as a writer on its way to become a reality, the 19 year old girl has to deal with the usual effects of ambition, fear of failure and everything else that occupies the mind of a girl who is determined to do well. Doubts arise, conversations are misinterpreted, feelings are confessed and then taken back, all in the backdrop of one thing a person always wants to do live up to expectations while creating kick ass history.

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