I'M So Hacked

I'M So Hacked

  • Author: Gautam Mayekar

v is a hacker who spends his days working in India’s number one anti-virus company as a security researcher and his nights, crawling through underground hacking forums. He is completely unmotivated and lacks purpose until he receives a letter from MdR1 a mysterious revolutionary who wants to create a “change” in the world. MdR1 uses v’s horrific past to motivate him, and guides him through various tasks, starting with shutting down the internet services of the entire city. A series of mayhem, manipulation and mystery ensues as v begins hallucinating various events and people from his former life, before he became a reclusive hacker. He is thrown into a barrage of uncertainty and confusion as his perception of reality begins to shift out of focus. Meanwhile, MdR1 and v prepare for a major cyber-attack that will rock the foundation of the country’s technological unit, with the help of v’s friends, m and KLL3R. Will they accomplish their goals? Or will v’s increasing delusion lead to their downfall?

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