I Do Not Belong To Any Religion My Religion Belongs To Me

I Do Not Belong To Any Religion My Religion Belo ...

  • Author: Aza Garcia

He appears from nowhere, an unknown forty-six-year-old, clad in jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers and breaks the internet. His name is Satya Sharan. The author, Aza Garcia, happens to meet him on a flight and is swept into a tumultuous journey through Tel Aviv, New York and Mumbai, bewildered by her growing love for him. Satya has what it takes to be a religious leader but doesnt wear flowing robes. He answers questions on meditation and enlightenment but claims he is not a teacher. He appears to be able to dispense divinity but does not talk about God. He does not want people to follow him yet wishes they subscribe to his insane idea. He is what he is. An enigma. A Don Quixote who is trying to slay the religious dragons. A guru who doesnt want to be a guru. Will he succeed? Will Azas love for him blossom into something tangible and beautiful?

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