I Am Albert Ellis

I Am Albert Ellis

  • Author: Dr Anjali Joshi

Dr. Albert Ellis is one of the greatest psychologists in the world and an eminent personality from the United States. He became immortal in the history of psychology with his Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy or REBT, which he founded in 1955. Today REBT has gained recognition and is widely followed everywhere. In the present world full of stress and strife, we all are in pursuit of peace and happiness. Based on rational and humanistic life-philosophy, REBT has helped people from all walks of life in uplifting their lives and is hence extremely popular all over the world. This autobiographical novel gives the reader an insight into his thoughts, and his dauntless and resolute personality. Dr. Ellis lived actively and zealously till his death. He overcame several hurdles and shortcomings in his long life of 93 years only because of REBT. My life is my message he said. REBT and Ellis life were synonymous, which is proved by his life-journey. The novel unravels his emotions and puts forth his revolutionary views about sexuality in a forthright but sensitive way. It motivates the reader to introspect on his own life-philosophy, thereby enabling him to tide over his emotional problems and make life more meaningful. Readers have found the original Marathi novel, first published in 2009, to be a self-help guide. It enjoys a wide readership and is popular among psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, students and celebrities as well. and has thus been a consistent best-seller till date.

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