History Revisited

History Revisited

  • Author: Nishant Joshi

Meet Nishant, Suraj and Sachin, three “unlucky” guys. Finding themselves stuck in the thirty-fifth century B.C after being plunged by a near death experience into a time portal, their luck flips around. They find themselves trapped in a bloody conflict raging between two opposing dynasties. They stumble upon a dynastic princess and her new born baby and resolve to unite her with her prince from the opposing dynasty. During their quest, they must seek a time locator that could allow them to return to their own time but not before they discover fantastical weapons which give them various supernatural powers. Overseeing the evil in the world, a demonic sorcerer wields the blackest magic and destroys the whole dynastic army. Can the three stop him or will they, like the army, perish in the attempt? Will they be able to finally return to their own time? Can they overcome their bad luck or has destiny planned something else for them?

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