High And Dry

High And Dry

  • Author: Sasmit Powale

Freedom. Have we really achieved it? Or does it remain an illusion? Suffocating and stagnant. Who dictates our destinies? How pure are their intentions? Is there liberation? Max is a twenty-one- year old literature teacher who wants to take you back to his college days, a time where he and his friends, Akhil, Sam, Jhanvi and Kunal - a marijuana-smoking bunch of good-for-nothing teenagers with superpowers, were studying mass media in a suburban college in Mumbai. Their lives are unwittingly caught between two political revolutions the 2014 Indian General elections and 2016 US Elections, as they chase their pleasures and ambitions. But things are never that easy, are they? Reality seeps into their paradise and begins to rot it. What will happen when they encounter the murky truth about the world, and a murkier truth about themselves? When they see the puppeteer and his strings, will they choose to cut the strings or replace him? Around the world nineteen something year olds are on the frontlines of war against moral degradation of the world, and this is a story about it.

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