Hidden Road To Lifemanship

Hidden Road To Lifemanship

  • Author: Nimish Thakkar

Smart work begins with hard work This book is a promising and coveted boon for the people from all walks of life as well as those of any age group, be they students, housewives or professionals. The word LIFEMANSHIP signifies the benign skill in getting the winning edge over others without an iota of degeneration in values and morality.A majority of mankind wants to outperform the rivals and emerge triumphant. But the sad part is that only few acquire lasting success in the attempt. The simple reason behind this undeniable fact is the underestimation or ignorance of the mighty power-methods that can galvanize us into super-stardom. And this book is liberally soaked in such power-methods. Experience the spellbinding wisdom imparted by Swami Ram, a 115 years old ascetic, to a boy named Rishi. The seamless stream of timeless erudition causes the lofty and invincible power, lying latent withinthe little boy, to rise to immeasurable heights of success. Dont wait to read this book if you are ardently aspiring to live a mega-life of super significance.

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