• Author: Raviraj R

Life has never been better for psychiatrist Kairav Nag who seems to have it all – charisma, fame, fortune and a flourishing career. Then enters the mysterious and enticing Tashi Mitra and his life is never the same again. Everything takes a backseat as Kairav embarks on a relationship laced with passion and frenzy with the bewitching Tashi, and the two get lost in a labyrinth of lust, desire and sensual pleasures. But Vaid, Kairav’s elder brother is certain that Tashi spells doom for Kairav as he sees him bow down to every whim of hers, and is determined to separate the two. Kairav is torn between his brother’s concern and the hypnotic effect Tashi has both on his body and mind. Is there more to the magnetic Tashi? Can Kairav trust her? Can he make her truly his as he seems to have become hers – mind body and soul?

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