Half Life

Half Life

  • Author: M. H. Rahman

Parker Williamson has a dream—to win back his lost property which had been allegedly seized by his Uncle, George Williamson, a few years ago. But besides this dream, a nightmare troubles his night’s slumber quite often. In his nightmare, he sees two kids playfully drowning a ten month old baby in the swimming pool. Parker believes this nightmare to be one of his childhood memories but his father, Stanford Williamson, persistently denies. Meanwhile, this frightening nightmare is finding evidences of reality. New enemies have emerged all of whom have their own motives to want Parker dead. On the fateful day, when Parker is on his way to the courthouse to fight his dream case against his uncle, he meets with a major road accident. Half Life is a one of its kind story of Lies around Truth, Betrayal around Trust, Vengeance around Honour, Enemies around Family and Envy around Love.

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