First-Time Mommy

First-Time Mommy

  • Author: Shruti Haldia

Becoming a mother for the first time can be so overwhelming. You’re experiencing a whole new set of emotions while constantly caring for a newborn. This new responsibility can often leave you feeling lost and confused. To add on to the confusion, comes unsolicited advice from everyone around you, judging you and telling you to do things differently. You’ll look for answers on the internet only to find a lot of misinformation and negative stories that will aggravate your anxiety. First Time Mommy – A Millennial Mom’s Guide to Surviving Motherhood attempts to demystify motherhood - from the curious case of feeding to the mysterious affair of teething. We’ll take a trip to the guilt valley and discuss the tragedy in the bedroom. This book has everything you need to know for surviving the first two years of your motherhood journey.

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