Fidelity Or Infidelity ?

Fidelity Or Infidelity ?

  • Author: Suboor Khan

Do you believe in love? If you believe in love, you must read this novel fidelity or infidelity? A story about Sameer, Anjali and Raj. Sameer had completed graduation but he wasnt interested in his fathers business however, his father was a business tycoon. Anjali was a beautiful young girl , her father was retired Colonel. Raj was a business tycoon he was owner of Raj group of industries but he was aggressive nature. Raj and Sameer both loved Anjali but Anjali loved one. She got married one of them but Second one started creating problems in her life because he wanted to revenge her. Anjali and her husband tried to solve their problems but couldnt overcome After all Anjali sacrificed to save her love. One day her life destroyed because of her sacrifice. What was her sacrifice and how destroyed her life ?

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