Faceless: The Mystery of the Carved Arrow

Faceless: The Mystery of the Carved Arrow ...

  • Author: Ashwin Karthik

A renowned scientist is sipping his drink in a five star suite when he drops dead. Was it a cardiac arrest or a well-planned murder? When a neuroscientist is found dead a few days later, Inspector Abinay Chaturvedi is perplexed at the common evidence found at both the crime scenes – a carved arrow with a mysterious engraving. As Abinay and his trusted man Lance set out to unravel the mystery, a young and charismatic historian hints at the possible hand of a two-thousand-year-old secret society in the killings. Is there really a secret society working to safeguard dharma? Is Abinay ready to unravel the centuries-old secret? Will Abinay and his team reach the bottom of the mystery of the carved arrow? Faceless: The Mystery of the Carved Arrow is an intriguing journey of an honest policeman trying to find the truth, and the nail-biting aftereffects of man’s challenging nature with science.

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