Dance Of The Spirits

Dance Of The Spirits

  • Author: Sanjai Velayudhan

REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD.THE SPIRITS DO NOT FORGET. VENGEANCE HAS BEEN LONG DUE.When Krish returns to his homeland of Kerala, all he wants is a break, some time away from his wife, and a chance to do some research for his book. But instead, he is drawn into the magical world of Theyyam, whose performers, dressed in ornate headgears and colourful make-up, take centre-stage in the sleepy district of Kannur. As the performers leap in the air and perform an aggressive dance, they enter a state of trance and turn into ‘gods’.Maria couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic experience to complete her thesis on the ritual form of worship. She forges a close bond with Krish, who acts as her local guide and together, they explore the mystic world of spirits, serpent-gods and forbidden secrets. But unknown to them, a grand plan is being executed in which they are nothing but mere pawns.Krish finds himself inescapably involved with not only two women but also the history of his land, the fate of his friend, and a spiritual journey that surpasses everything he has ever felt before. One that changes him irreversibly and for which, Maria must pay the price.

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