Ceremony of Success: Shubhpuja by Saumyaa Vardhan

Ceremony of Success: Shubhpuja by Saumyaa Vardha ...

  • Author: Prachi Garg

This is the story of a passionate entrepreneur who found her calling in coming back to her homeland, leaving behind her high-paying professional career to start a platform called Shubhpuja.com The ceremony of Success: Shubhpuja by Saumyaa Vardhan is a success story where Saumya has risen to achieve the position of creating a first ever online portal dedicated to organized vedic ritual services and offering science and facts-based auspiciousness to people. ShubhPuja offers religious and astrological consultancies, helps to conduct religious ceremonies and services for all occasions and needs, and provides logistical support from scratch to summary.This business read is an excerpt from Prachi Gargs hot-selling book Superwomen, which brings forth the stories of twenty Indian women entrepreneurs. The book has been listed as a must-read for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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