Budget  Busters

Budget Busters

  • Author: Rena Singh Ghai

Budget Busters is devoted to rendering a highly technical subject user-friendly. Its primary goal is to enhance public awareness and understanding of the details of the budgets, government budgeting and resource allocation. All of us know that money is a volatile commodity. The earning and deployment of money, whether at a personal,state or country level, is of primary importance in ensuring self-sufficiency and wealth. Budgeting is used as a universal tool to monitor money. However, one needs to understand how to create and use Budgets in order to be able to appreciate its use. Government budgets are usually complicated to such an extent that the common man is unable to understand what they actually mean in real terms for them. So should one just give up on these budgets? Or should one attempt to understand them? As responsible citizens, it is imperative we attempt to understand budgets at the government level in order to know how our countrys wealth is being utilized. At the personal level, in order to build serious wealth, budgeting is imperative. Go down the road to knowledge on budgets and budgeting with Budget Busters.

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