Bitten by Love

Bitten by Love

  • Author: Vijaya S

WHEN LOVE BITES, IT BITES HARD. ONCE BITTEN BY LOVE, YOU WILL BE FOREVER SMITTEN BY ITS SWEET PAIN.” ANU is young, simple and carefree, gearing up for her first job at Oasis Ltd. She gets paired with ABHI, a mature and an unassuming boy, in her first assignment with the Indian IT giant. Little does she know that the pairing is not a mere coincidence, but a plan by destiny. Abhi does not have any inkling that the beautiful girl he was smitten by at a traffic signal, would end up as his pair programmer for whom he would eventually be ready to give up everything in life. What will happen when Anu’s protective family gets to know about their love? Will Abhi keep up the promise he makes to Anu’s family? How will Anu cope with this drastic change in Abhi’s priorities? Come, fall and rise in love as Bitten by Love takes you through an exhilarating and heart touching journey of friendships and love, driven by destiny, hope and determination.

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