Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface

  • Author: Sherry Duggal

“Beneath the Surface” is an exploration of a healing journey, taking you right into the world of the central character. The five elements tie everything together, giving way to imagery inspired by Chinese Medicine Philosophy. As the protagonist expresses herself through stream of consciousness, emotions come up to the surface. She works through them and they become a part of her being, represented as blood flow. Blood imagery highlights the mind body connection as characters come in and out of her life like figments of her imagination. Underlying all of this is the central question “What is joy?” She starts by focusing on the external, the physical –nifesting as matter. Her mind then takes over. As mind overcomes matter, emotions continue to push her forward in her learning journey where she finally lets go. Mind and matter come together as she realizes that everything she needs is inside of her. Happiness comes from within ... and the process continues.

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