Asthma For The Common Man

Asthma For The Common Man

  • Author: Dr Vikram Vinayek

This handy little book is a rapid ready-reckoner on Asthma. While it is mainly for asthamatics, it is also an essential leaning tool for parents and teachers who care for children with Asthma, as well as for those who work in professions or environments that make them vulnerable. Pithy and clear, the book is written simply to avoid the jargon that often makes medical information difficult to access for the common man. Useful for practitioners and academicians alike, the knowledge condensed and presented by Dr Vikram Vinayek, will be invaluable to the thousands of people who suffer from Asthma as well as others who need to understand this condition. Above all, the book shows the way to managing the condition in order to lead a full and unrestricted life.

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